Zamenhof / Esperanto objects

In Odessa, there are two Zamenhof / Esperanto object.

1. Zamenhof monumenе.

Zamenhof monument in Odessa was established in the late 50s of last century and is still the only monument in Ukraine Zamenhof. It is located on the main street of town - Deribasovskaya 3.
Photo taken during  Esperanto
Humorine in 2011.

2. A plaque Gernet.

A plaque Gernet in the building of the Institute of viticulture and winemaking them. VE Tairov. Established through the initiative of the Esperanto Club "Verdazho" in July 2011. Author boards - Babkin AM. The inscription on the board is made in Russian and Esperanto:

Vladimir Gernet (1870 - 1929)
The first head of the wine station
Russian winegrowers and winemakers (1910 - 1921)
A pioneer of the international movement

Zamenhof / Esperanto Objects in Ukraine (esper.)