Esperanto clubs

Esperanto Club Blanka Akacio.

Club President - Simon Vaynblat (e-mail:
Club meetings are held on Tuesdays at Trinity, 41. In addition, the youth section of the club arranges occasional meetings outside the club, usually on weekends. Information about these meetings is located in the thumbnail "Esperanto inhabitants of Odessa."

The club holds an annual meeting of the Esperanto Humurine in Odessa. In 1998 he managed to organize a worldwide Esperanto meeting - 71 Congress SAT.

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Esperanto Club Verdaĵo.

Youth Esperanto Club "Verdazho" exists since 1991. The club president, a member of Pasporta Servo - Tatiana Auderskaya (e-mail:

The club members always took care of the monument Zamenhof, and in 1997 and 2005, twice renewed his own, and they made three films, two - in Esperanto ("Birds of southern reeds and" Treasures of the Black Sea "), Awarded in various competitions, and one - Russian and Ukrainian Esperanto and Zamenhof ("Esperanto means one who hopes), twice featured on the city's television. They are five times organized Festival of Languages ​​in the City (2001, 2003, 2005, 2008, 2010) with the presentation of Esperanto and other 20 - 27 languages.

The club members visited 16 countries, participated in 5 international seminars of the European consulates.
From 1995 to 2005, the first day of April, they performed a humorous Ukrainian Festival "April smiles." Three times they organized the Day of Zamenhof (15 - 16 December) and natural poznavatelskuyu expedition "Dniester" (2001 - 2005). In July 2011 they unveiled a plaque pioneer Esperanto movement VI. Gernet. The inscription on the board is made in Russian and Esperanto.

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